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About Us

This guide is intended for merchants and brands using Moongate to manage their events or membership programs. If you are using Moongate to purchase tickets or membership passes, please check out our user guide here.

Moongate is an all-in-one solution for brands and event organizers to supercharge their community with NFT tickets and memberships that unlock exclusive experiences and benefits. We’ve built Moongate to make it easy for brands to:

  • Create, issue, and validate tickets for their events
  • Create and administer membership programs
  • Create and administer benefit campaigns for their customers
  • Airdrop tickets and memberships to target users
  • View attendance, sales information, and customer analytics

Our platform is built on blockchain technology, enabling vendors to engage with their customers before, during, and even after events. By doing so they can enhance brand loyalty by issuing benefits to ticket & membership holders and even creating a digital community for customers to interact, as well as gain improved insights and analytics about their customers.

The best part? Our platform combines the engagement abilities of Web3 and the blockchain with the familiarity and ease-of-use of Web2, making for a seamless experience for both end users and vendors, enabling them to grow customer lifetime value even without the technical knowledge that is typically associated with Web3.

If you are interested in learning more about how Moongate can support your business, please book a chat with us via email, Telegram, X DMs, or Discord.