The airdropping process is identical for both tickets and memberships. Moongate supports airdropping via email addresses.

Please note that airdropping a ticket/membership enables the recipient(s) to claim it for free, regardless of whether the ticket/membership is paid or not. If your application still requires recipients to pay, we recommend gating by NFT/Email/Wallet instead.


Sign into the Moongate Merchant Portal


Navigate to the target event or membership page


Choose the ticket type or membership tier to be airdropped

Go to the “③ Tickets” or “③ Tiers” page within the chosen event/membership page respectively, and locate the ticket type or membership tier that you want to airdrop.


Choose an email input method

Click the “Airdrop” button on the target ticket type/membership tier.

Select “Upload .CSV” if there are a large number of people that you will be airdropping the ticket/membership to, and “Manual” for a smaller quantity.