Add a new benefit

Within the target benefit campaign’s page, click ‘② Benefits’ and then ‘Add Benefit’ to create a new benefit.

Moongate automatically generates a placeholder benefit titled “Reward 1”. A benefit campaign must have at least one benefit associated with it, so feel free to delete this placeholder benefit after creating a benefit of your own.


Add benefit name

Enter the name of this benefit. Additional benefits can always be added to the campaign later.


Add benefit details

Select the reward type, instructions for redemption, text that will be displayed upon claiming it (for generic reveal option only), and price.

Set the price to 0 if the membership tier is free to join.

To change the currency type, return to “① Info” in the sidebar and change the value in the “Currency” field.

How users will see your benefit upon claiming it


Gate benefit by NFT

Unlike tickets or membership passes, benefits must be gated by NFT ownership (including prior events ticketed by/membership programs administered by Moongate). Please refer to this guide for instructions on gating by NFT.


Specify advanced options (optional)

If applicable, specify advanced options such as limited quantity, whether users can redeem the benefit multiple times, whether users must hold a promo code to unlock this benefit, etc.

When you are ready, click “Save” to close the Benefit Option window, then click “Next.”


Add questions (optional)

If desired, add questions to collect information from users who are joining your benefit campaign. These questions will be shown to users during checkout.

Responses can be viewed from the benefit campaign’s Sales tab, located in the campaign’s dashboard.


Specify payment options

Select a payment option if applicable. Moongate supports credit cards, crypto, and PayPal. You will not automatically receive payouts, so please contact us if you will be collecting payment for your benefit campaign.


Launch your benefit campaign and benefit(s)

Once you have finalized your benefit campaign and benefit details, click “Publish” to launch your benefit campaign.