Moongate supports UTM tracking. UTM tracking is enabled by appending ?utm_(anything-you-want-to-track)=(anything) to the back of your campaign’s URL. Multiple parameters can be tracked at the same time; simply add &utm_(anything-you-want-to-track)=(anything) after the first UTM parameter. Typical values for the ‘(anything-you-want-to-track)’ fields include source, medium, campaign, term, and content.

For instance, you could distribute a link to your event via Instagram with the UTM parameter ?utm_source=instagram (where (anything-you-want-to-track) = source and (anything) = instagram) in the URL, enabling you to view which ticket transactions originated from Instagram. An example URL would be formatted as follows:

Clicking on an individual transaction from the portal displays the UTM data associated with that transaction, if any. UTM data is also visible within the corresponding CSV export.