Organizers need to request permission to enable on-site registration for their events. Once requested, our team will handle the addition of this feature.


Navigate to the 'Event' tab, select the event with 'On-Site Registration' functionality, and then navigate to the 'Dashboard' panel.


Click On-Site Registration

By clicking the button, you will proceed to the on-site registration login page.


Using the On Site Registration Site

Access code can be obtained on the same ‘Dashboard’ Panel in Step 2
  1. Copy and Paste the Access code
  1. Paste the access code in the box on the site after clicking the ‘On-Site Registration’ button in Step 2, and submit.
  1. Fill in the On-Site Registration Form and submit to complete the registration process.
  1. After submitting the form, you can submit a new form by clicking the ‘Submit New’ button