I. Fund Settlement Policy

A. Standard Settlement Procedure

  1. Settlement Period: Funds will be settled to event organizers within 7 days following the conclusion of the event.
  2. Settlement Currency: Funds can be settled in either cryptocurrency or fiat currency, as per the preference of the event organizer.
  3. Currency Conversion: In instances where funds are collected in both cryptocurrency and fiat, we offer the flexibility to convert and settle all funds in either currency type, handling all necessary on/off-ramp procedures internally.

B. Special Settlement Requests

  1. Frequency: Upon special request, funds can be settled on alternative schedules, such as weekly or monthly.
  2. Request Procedure: To initiate a special settlement request, event organizers must contact our finance team, providing relevant details and justifications for the altered settlement period.

II. Refund Policy

A. General Refund Guidelines

  1. No Standard Refunds: Given that tickets are issued in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), we generally advise event organizers to specify that events do not support refunds.
  2. Manual Refund Process: In exceptional circumstances where a refund is deemed necessary, we can facilitate this on a manual basis.

B. Refund Request Procedure

  1. Initiating a Refund: Either event organizers or ticket purchasers can initiate a refund request by submitting relevant details to our support team.
  2. Verification: Our team will verify the details and circumstances of the refund request before processing.

C. Refund Amounts

  1. Standard Refund: The standard refund amount will be the ticket price minus the payment processing fee, as payment processing fees from platforms like Stripe or CoinGate are non-refundable.
  2. Full Refund: We can facilitate a full refund, inclusive of the payment processing fee, under special circumstances. However, the cost of the payment processing fee will then be transferred to the event organizer.

III. Contact

For any inquiries or to initiate a special settlement or refund request, please contact our support team.