Check-out Form

For events with check-out form questions, the transaction notification email sent to the organizer will include the user’s responses to the check-out form.


Collecting User Information with Custom Questions

1. Navigate to the ‘Event’ tab in your dashboard, select the event for which you want to collect additional information.

2. Click on ‘Questions’ in the left-hand menu.

3. Add your custom questions by selecting the question type (e.g., Short Answer) and entering the question text

Once you click ‘Next’, these custom questions will be displayed to the users on the checkout page. Users will be prompted to provide their answers during the registration process, ensuring you collect the necessary information.


User fill in check-out form questions

User will be asked to fill in the custom questions in order to proceed to checkout.


Organizer receive email notification

Email will be received by the organizer with the responses to the custom questions provided by the participants during the registration process.