Before the Event

Download the Moongate Verify app – you will use this app to check your guests in.

During the Event: Check-in Guide


Log into the Moongate Verify app

You’ll need your event’s access code, which is located in the corresponding event’s dashboard page in the portal.


Choose the target event


Scan the attendee's QR code(s).

Attendees’ QR codes can be located from:


Check the attendee's eligibility

Verification results:

For attendees yet to claim their ticket:

For customers who have not yet claimed their ticket (for instance, if their tickets were purchased on their behalf by a friend), they must redeem their ticket using the redemption email that was sent to them by Moongate (

The email contains a ticket redemption button, and by clicking on this link, they can redeem their ticket. Please allow approximately 10 seconds for the blockchain to update the data before scanning the QR code in the user portal and checking in the guest.

If you face any technical difficulties during the event, please message us on Telegram (@jm1428/@pweeh). We will revert shortly.