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I. How can I become a Moonfarmer?

Everyone is eligible. Just head to our site here and earn points by completing tasks and interacting with our partners.

II. How do I navigate the platform?

  • Log in: Either connect your wallet or sign in using your email. If you sign in using your email, we will create a non-custodial wallet for you.
  • Discover: Discover all upcoming Web3 events.
  • Quest: Check out tasks that can earn you points on our platform.
  • Pass: Your NFT tickets for your upcoming events.
  • Benefits: Token-gated benefits associated with the NFTs you own.
  • Leaderboard [to come]: Check your ranking of the points you earn.

III. How do I earn points?

It’s straightforward. There are several ways to earn points:

  • Complete one-off tasks like onboarding and unlock retroactive airdrops.
  • Test your luck with the daily draw and earn some points every day.
  • Be an active user in our ecosystem: buy tickets, create events, promote campaigns and more.
  • Refer friends — the larger your farmer family, the more points you earn.
  • Check our time-sensitive special missions. Stay alert to seize what rewards you can.

IV. Buy tickets and promote campaign to earn points

When you click into the “Buy Tickets” and “Promote Campaign” task, you will be directed to our Discover Page. Engage with the events to earn points. *Points will only be rewarded for paid tickets, not free tickets.

You can then check the points you earned at the Quest page by clicking into the specific task.

V. Referral Program: Build your Farmer Network

Sharing is caring…and earning! Spread the word about MoonFarmer and earn points with every new MoonFarmer who joins through your referral link.

Go to the profile tab, copy your unique link, and send it to friends and family (your Farmer network). On top of a one-off point reward, you earn 15% of your direct referral’s points, and 5% of your referral’s referrals points.

So, simply said, refer more friends for more points.

VI. Multiplier: Ramp up with PowerUps

You can also get PowerUps to get a multiplier event on your points. You can unlock the PowerUps either by gaining enough points or purchasing it.

For a limited time, we will keep the lowest tier for free to claim.

The PowerUps are limited in volume, so be sure to get your PowerUps while supplies last!

VII. Leaderboard

[To come…stay tuned!]

VIII. How do I claim my airdrop?

More information about our token launch will be released very soon. Until then, keep farming points and prepare for the Airdrop. So, dear MoonFarmers, let the harvesting begin…and happy farming!