Please note: Moongate has no administrative control over your wallet and its contents, and as such is unable to facilitate any transfers on your behalf.

This guide is intended for users whose wallets are the non-custodial variety automatically created by Moongate. If you are using your own wallet to receive tickets/memberships from Moongate, please refer to your wallet provider’s documentation for information on conducting NFT transfers. We’ve attached the documentation for several popular wallet providers below.

If you have received an NFT ticket/membership pass for a campaign administered by Moongate in an external wallet but do not have a Moongate account, follow these instructions to create a Moongate account connected to your existing wallet. Once connected, your NFT ticket/membership pass should be displayed on Moongate and check-in functionality should work as expected.


Access your non-custodial wallet

Open the user settings panel and then click ‘Manage’ to be taken to your non-custodial wallet.


Select the NFT you wish to transfer

You will be redirected to our wallet partner’s page where you can manage your assets. Click on the ‘NFT’ tab to view the tickets/memberships associated with your account.

Select the NFT you wish to transfer and press ‘Send.’

If your asset value = $0, you’ll need to top it up with credits to cover the transfer fee. You can do this by clicking “Buy” and purchasing credits using a credit/debit card, or transferring funds from another wallet.

NOTE: the minimum credit purchase amount will likely be higher than the transfer fee.


Enter recipient information

Input the recipient’s wallet address.


Confirm the transaction

Confirm and sign the transaction. The gas fee will be deducted from your account and the NFT will then be transferred to the specified address. Please note that the transaction may take some time to process due to blockchain confirmation times.

If they haven’t already done so, your recipient will have to connect their wallet to Moongate in order to “unlock” their ticket/membership. If they do not connect their wallet to Moongate, the platform will be unable to detect their ticket/membership NFT and will be unable to issue check-in credentials, complicating the check-in process.

Follow these instructions to connect an external wallet to Moongate, then follow these steps on manually adding an NFT to a wallet if applicable.